26 February, 2007

Oscars: It's "Little Miss Sunshine" & "The Departed"


Michael Arndt, Little Miss Sunshine:

"Thank you very much. You'll have to forgive me, my voice is really shot. A writer is only as good as the people that he works with, so I have to share this will Bill Weinstein and Tom Strickler who read this script when no one else wanted to read it. My producers, Albert, Ron, Marc, David, Peter and Jeb, who made this movie when no one else wanted to make it. With Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette, Steve Carell, Paul Dano, Alan Arkin and Abigail Breslin, who collectively saved my life. And especially with Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris the true authors of this movie, who took words on a page and turned them into a work of art. And finally, when I was a kid, my family drove 600 miles in a VW bus with a broken clutch. So, it ended up being the funnest things we did together, so to my brothers, Chan, Dave and Chris, to my mom who's here tonight, and to my dad who's with us in the spirit. This is for you. Thank you."

William Monahan, The Departed:

"There's no place to put this down, huh? Valium does work. Anyway, I was going to cut off the beginning of this speech and make it brief, but I'm gonna leave it back in and say, you know, the movie that made me wanna be a screenwriter was Robert Bolt's Lawrence of Arabia. And I don't know what could've happened in the universe to end up with the same Oscars as Peter O'Toole, you know, so it's crazy. He's here, I've seen him.

So anyway, thanks to the Academy, to Warner Bros., everybody at Warner Bros., Alan Mak and Felix Chong who wrote Infernal Affairs, the producers present and not present, the agents, everybody who made The Departed such a success. Thanks to Marty and Leo for reading the script and calling each other and saying, "Let's make it." And Thelma.

You know, everyone who worked on The Departed was, you know, it's easy to say was at the top of their game before they started, and under Marty's direction it only got higher after that. Thank you very much."

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