24 February, 2007

Kyle XY

This briliant hit sci-fi/teen drama/thriller started last week on Trouble and I forgot to mention it but it is repeated on Sunday at 12:30pm

A teenage boy wakes up naked in the woods but he has no memory of how he got there and acts like a new-born with no knowledge of the world or social awareness. He is however a very quick learner and appears to have special abilities. He is arrested for public nudity and gets interviewed by a child psychologist who, rather than let him go into the system and be destroyed, temporarily fosters him with her reluctant family.

The pilot is one of the best pilots I've ever seen in terms of setting up the premise and characters so believably and naturally. It is young skewing and maybe a bit female skewing but it is so well written and, at times, so funny that most people should get a kick out of it. The show deals with the mystery of where Kyle comes from and him trying to adapt to family life and school for the first time. For the first time he can remember anyway.

This proves that something aimed at young people can be pure fun and also mature, intelligent and well written. The excuse, "yes, it is lazily written shit but it's just fun for young people so it doesn't matter" should never be heard again.

I absolutely loved this series and it is highly recommended.

Kyle XY,
Tuesdays, 8:00pm (repeated Sundays 12:30pm) for ten weeks.

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