13 February, 2007

The Dresden Files

The Dresden in question is a wizard who investigates paranormal happenings on behalf of clients (which include the police unofficially). It's based on the popular books by Jim Butcher.

Nice premise, shame about the execution. The pilot was a chore to get through and I couldn't make it all the way through episode 2. Actually I call the first episode the pilot but the proper pilot is the fifth episode and that has been cut down from the original two hours. That should be fun then.

The hopes were that it could mirror the success of Buffy and Angel but the plotting and characterisation is too mediocre for that to happen. Good dialogue alone has been known to keep me watching bad shows but it's just not good enough here.

You can however see the right elements in place and they may pull it together before the end of the 12 week run but, call me old-fashioned, I think development time should be finished before you start filming.

They needed to be sure of the tone and who the show was aimed at because in this world of tough competition, you can't be sure the audience will have the patience to stick with it.

However, if you enjoy the Russell T Davies episodes of Doctor Who then this will be great fun.

Sky One, Wednesday 14 February, 9:00pm

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