16 February, 2007

The 2007 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

Seeking the Best New Screenplays, Short Film Scripts & Original TV Pilots

Over $25,000 in CASH & PRIZES
Including a $10,000 GRAND PRIZE!!!

Are you our next Award-Winning Screenwriter???

The PAGE Awards competition is rapidly becoming one of the most
important sources for new screenwriting talent within the
Hollywood community and worldwide. Each year our award-winning
screenplays are solicited by dozens of producers, agents, and
development execs, and many of our winning screenwriters land
script assignments, secure representation, and sign option
agreements on their work.

Best of all, the PAGE Awards competition offers all contestants
the opportunity to get a "foot in the door" and have their work
read by industry professionals currently in search of new talent.


Next Entry Deadline: Thursday 15 March

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Enzio Pesta said...

I have an idea for a 30 minute pilot that takes place in real time in a public toilet. Ok, not all of it, some of it takes place in the public area just in front of the Lady's/Men's room doors so there's some interaction betweem the sexes and maybe I'll throw in a little girl-on-girl action to spice it up.

The 1st episode has to do with a terrorist time bomb that's going to go off in...well, 30 minutes.

Think it will fly?

Robin Kelly said...

It could fly like an eagle.

It's cheap, set in one location. Everyone's been to a public toilet and so can identify with it.

You would need regular characters though and it would maybe have to be set in a small town where it was the only club available. I live in Brum and never go to the same club all the time.

So you can have a gang of boys and a gang of girls and some relationships between them that can generate at least 12 episodes worth of stories.

Because of the limited setting though, the characters have to be more fully developed than usual.

I'd be wary of being too scatalogical and gynacological, although of course if done right it can be funny.