20 January, 2007

The Second Screenwriters' Festival 2007

The Second Screenwriters' Festival 2007 will be from Tuesday 3 to Friday 6 July 2007 and as with last year we’ll be at The Manor by the Lake (at Cheltenham Film Studios)

ScriptMARKET@SWF'07 - This year we are having a speculative script market that we will be running up to and throughout the festival where you can send us a spec script, get a comprehensive report on it's prospects after which we will get it into the hands of people who can make deals.

Speakers 2007 - So far we have managed to get some amazing names including Diana Ossana 'Brokeback Mountain', Michael Goldenberg 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' and Anthony Horowitz 'Stormbreaker', interested in speaking this year, some are schedule dependant, and there many more to come.

Programme - We have listened to your thoughts and views on last years Festival and are putting together a programme that will not only be filled with panels and Q&A's, we'll have more screenings, live commentaries, workshops, masterclasses and more chances for you to talk to other writers, producers, agents and developers.

Visit the website for full details.


Good Dog said...

Who the heck wrote the 2007 guest biographies on the site?

For Horowitz they have:

He has written a television series ‘Foyle's War’, which recently aired in the United States...

Right. And this is the same Foyle's War that has been shown on ITV for the last four years?

Just looked at the TV guide below. You missed off Raise the Titanic on BBC2 this afternoon. The absolute best so-utterly-lousy-that-it's-almost-good movie

Robin Kelly said...

I was actually going to watch Raising the Titanic but I had horrific flashbacks to Cameron's Titanic and had to have a lie down in a dark room until I recovered.

Good Dog said...

As bad, bad, bad as Raise the Titanic is, there's no My bloody Heart Will bloody well Go On.

And you get a brief acting masterclass from Alec Guinness.