12 January, 2007

How to make it as a screenwriter: a free Euroscript Event

Everything you ever wanted to know about the industry but were too afraid to ask, come and meet top industry professionals in this free evening event to find out how to develop your career as a writer in film and television.

A panel made up of writers, directors and an industry lawyer will answer all your questions on how to make it as a screenplay writer. The event will be held at The Diorama Arts Centre, 3-7 Euston Centre , NW1 3JG on Thursday 8th February 2007 at 7pm-9pm (doors open at 6.30pm)

The Panel includes:

Paul Bassett Davies: twice Perrier Award finalist.

Charlie Harris: founder of the Screenwriters’ Workshop.

Fenella Greenfield: as a trustee of the Screenwriters' Workshop.

Jeremy Hylton Davies: an award-winning playwright

Anne Woods: a freelance script consultant and commissioned screenwriter.

Kevan Tidy: a specialist entertainment and intellectual property lawyer. He has worked as an in house lawyer for Scottish TV and for several of the top national law firms.

Please log on to: http://www.euroscript.co.uk ; call 0780 336 9414 or email enquiries@euroscript.co.uk for further details.

Participants must book a place by email to ensure entry.


potdoll said...

I went to this last year and took a friend. Afterwards she said she wanted to punch me for making her sit through it.

Robin Kelly said...

It might be rubbish but it's free ;-) I'm getting horrific flashbacks to seminars like that I've attended, actually. I suppose all you need to know is write a good script and send it to someone.

potdoll said...

Yes I suppose so. the good thing about these sorts of things is that there is usually a glass of wine going free and you might meet someone useful while you're at it.

Robin Kelly said...

Although shy teetotal writers are pretty much fracked ;-) Potential networking opportunties may be worth the sacrifice - and something we may neglect doing enough of - but we still need to follow up a good contact with a good script, unfortunately - as I've found out personally.

potdoll said...

yeah. bugger, that.