05 December, 2006

ITV2 commissions more drama and comedy

ITV will increase the investment in its multichannel ITV2 from £40m a year to nearly £60m.

ITV digital channels programme director Steven Andrew said the extra money in 2007 would see commissioning in drama, comedy and factual entertainment genres, according to Broadcast.

"The message is you ain't seen nothing yet. We have big ambitions for ITV2," he said.

He continued that ITV2 is in a strong position to launch high profile new series, because it is beginning to beat Channel 4 and Five in the targeted 16 to 34-year-old demographic on strong nights.

ITV2 controller Zai Bennett said the upcoming winter season would be the first to showcase the channel's "fresh approach" to programming. "We want our shows to be celebratory in tone, not cynical or downbeat," he said.

Local productions to be launched include sketch series Comedy Cuts (ITV Productions).


Bang2Write said...

Nice one. Now we need to know whether they have any new writer initiatives. Well, do they? Hmmmmmm?

Robin Kelly said...

Well...I'm a great fan of new writer initiatives but to be brutally honest instead of waiting for those initiatives (extremely rare anyway unless you live in a politically important region) we should just be making a quality drama or comedy spec and working on series proposals.

Without the additional experience or agent it might be tough to get a gig but everyone's got to start somewhere. Considering producers complain constantly about the lack of quality from experienced and agented writers there is no real excuse not to try really.

Bang2Write said...

I wait for nowt - just wanted to know if they have a Writer's Room-style thing. Oh yes, I'll be contacting them, don't you worry.

Robin Kelly said...

But, speaking generally again, it is going to be better going through a prodco.