02 December, 2006

Discover Devon

Discover Devon - unique, glorious, wild and wonderful, rich in history and the country's favourite playground...

Discovering all that is Devon, where the people are natural, hospitable and warmly welcoming - Devon is the natural destination for families and friends, so come for a day, come for a week, come forever... Click the above link to find out more.

Following my comments in the previous Torchwood post, I was visited by some people - who didn't threaten me or harm me in any way whatsoever - who merely made some suggestions regarding my blog and the things I say about Devon. I am always happy to listen to the views of the public and this blog entry was not made under any duress at all. And to scotch any rumours right away, if anyone sees my injuries, I fell down the stairs and fell on a kitchen knife, a couple of times.

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Bang2Write said...

I love Devon. It's the best place in the entire world. The fact that I'm stuck here for the forseeable fills me with joy and tribulation. Really. (I too bear the scars Robin.)