19 December, 2006

Creative Procrastination

"Sometimes I find some really useful stuff while paddling about on the internet, like a screenwriting article that either gives me an idea for a new story or helps unstick an old one. But sometimes I get distracted and spend longer on the internet than I mean too, leaving less time for writing. And sometimes rather than warming up to writing I am just plain avoiding it. I don't kid myself about that and I know why it is - usually I am somehow stuck on something or stressed out and unable to concentrate."


Optimistic_Reader said...

Ooh, always throws me a bit to see my own words anywhere other than my own blog!

Actually just stopped by to let you know I spotted a Birmingham based opportunity yesterday that I thought you might be interested in. I emailed it yto you but you might not have got it 'cause you said something on my blog about email troubles so here it is:






Theatre and performance, scripted, devised or directed and no matter how rough around the edges

– PILOT is a platform for any NEW work in need of an audience.
If you have some original work you want to road-test, and could use a small bursary to help develop it, we're waiting to hear from you.

If you're interested to find out more, go to:


Have a read of the info, fill in your details, and get a submission to us by WED

24 JAN 07.

PILOT is funded by Arts Council England

Apologies if you've already read the email or heard about this elswhere - feel free to delete this comment if so!

Robin Kelly said...

Thanks for that, Ops, yes my email is still down and yes I am still annoyed about it.

Optimistic_Reader said...

How annoying. Still, if it means you procrastinate less it is A Very Good Thing!

Robin Kelly said...

Yeah, bloody BT Internet are forcing me to write. Bastards!