22 November, 2006

Word of Mouth

The Page Turner (La Tourneuse De Pages)

This is an excellent psychological thriller. I had the benefit of seeing it without knowing anything about it or reading any reviews. I recommend seeing it without checking the reviews first as most of them have been quite spoilery. (I promise to give you your money back if you don’t like it*)

It begins with the child Mélanie who is about to take a piano exam before moving on to the adult Mélanie who is about to take a new job as a page turner for a pianist.

What struck me most about it was how much was said without dialogue. There’s one big audience laugh late in the picture but it came from just a look which itself related to something that happened 10-15 minutes previously.

I like its simplicity in structure and complexity in characterisation. There is tension and suspense as you suddenly work out what’s going on with Mélanie and wonder what she’s going to do next. Although several years separate the child Mélanie from the adult Mélanie, you can see they are the same person through the characterisation, in particularly the obsession.

What also helped in the enjoyment was the authentic world of musicians created and the wonderful music played.

Box Office #21 (25 screens)

(*Terms and conditions apply: I will give you fake money and not real money. Currently the Bank of England is against that sort of thing, for some reason, so if you try to spend it you will be arrested and go to jail for a very long time.)

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