27 November, 2006

Torchwood in Good Episode Shock!

The country is recovering from the incredible news that an episode of Torchwood was not only good for Torchwood but a good episode of TV drama in general.

While the main influences of the episode, Greeks Bearing Gifts, seemed obvious (Buffy epi Earshot and Unbreakable), Toby Whithouse managed to craft something fairly original and entertaining as he focused on Toshiko's new friendship.

Reading the messageboards, the homosexual content of previous episodes seemed to generate as much anger as the awful writing. On that issue, I say it is RTD’s series and his sexuality is part of his writer’s voice (like all of us) and he can do what the frack he wants. No-one complains about Kay Mellor and her ‘obsession’ with heterosexuality.

However, in Whithouse’s episode, the homosexuality felt natural and normal not forced and exploitative as before. Previously, in a story context, you just didn’t believe it would or could happen with the characters while it was made to work in this episode because it was coming from emotion and a certain amount of psychological truth.

I do have a theory about actor/writers like Whithouse but I’d better wait until I’ve seen his fellow thesps Jaquetta May and Noel Clarke’s Torchwood episodes before I share it.

If you’re one of the millons who have abandoned the series (it's lost a third to half of its audience) then try and catch the BBC3 repeats or terrestrial premiere of this last one and see if you can see the difference.


Lucy said...

I'll believe it when I see it. But I will see it.

Dom Carver said...

I so hated the cannibal episode, written by the lead writer Chris Chibbyface. Oh how dire was that. I wasn't cringing in horror, well I was, but only at the awful writing.

Lucy said...

No my friend - that wasn't TORCHWOOD you were watching, but a documentary about what it's like living in Devon....

Robin Kelly said...

I can easily believe the Devonese would eat people - it must be based on a true story - but why the inept plotting and rubbish dialogue?

If people are struggling to complete one script properly in the short time they have, why give someone three or four to do?

And I'm just joking, my friends from Devon. Please don't eat me. I'm still joking, chill.

Bang2Write said...

Mate, I've survived this long amongst them due to the fact I run fast and don't insult anyone - too much. Ask The Good Dog and Pillock how they managed to escape. You have a good head start in Birmingham, but don't push it! ; )

Robin Kelly said...

Thanks. Warning duly noted ;-)

Good Dog said...

Are you sure the Torchwood episode was good, or had you hit your head? If I get through the new episodes of Heroes I might have to pay it a visit.

Wow, gay sex! Whoopee! Let's all put on our party hats and do a little dance. (Yawn).

The thing is, Mellor and the rest put in sex scenes if the narrative requires it. Don't really remember episodes where characters stopped for a quick bunk up just for the hell of it. RTD takes every opportunity to ram it down our throats when he should be paying more attention to story mechanics.

Hey, Devonians don't eat people. We just tell the townies to get off "our land". With city folk from east of the county line we're less polite.

Brum? ........ooooohhhhh!

Robin Kelly said...

Yes, Torchwood was actually good but I'm beginning to doubt myself now, even as I type that out it just seems so unlikely.

Obviously it's no Heroes, I'm not going quite that far in my praise. You've got your priorities right there.

We didn't actually see any sex in Torchwood, it was snogging then cut to the morning after, it was about the vulnerability and loneliness of Tosh which laid the ground work for what happens later in the story. Proper storytelling.

Honestly, I love Devon, I have pictures on my computers and all over my walls. Pictures of Devon Aoki, obviously, not the crappy cannabilistic county ;-)