26 October, 2006

Word of Mouth

The Last Kiss

This is an enjoyable enough drama with a great witty script by Paul Haggis. However, while dramas about truthful relationships will always work to a certain extent, the stories can be over familiar and I'm not sure you can rely too much on good dialogue to keep the audience interested.

In terms of story, Michael's central dilemma wasn't much of one at all and the conclusion held no surprises. Although the character felt real, I had no sympathy for him. Or more accurately, I didn't care whether the character got what he wanted or not.

Box Office #9



I liked Barnyard - the animated coming of age tale. It's no classic by any means but I wasn't bored which is my main criteria. There are some good gags and it has moral lessons which both kids and adults can learn from but which aren't rammed down the throat too much. But it is a maybe a bit too violent for the younger kids.

It does show the power of the movies in that the lead character is a cow with udders who does extreme sports. I thought 'oh, my god, the active lead destined to be leader is female! What a twist!" Then I hear clearly it's Kevin James's voice coming from her lips making 'her' a 'he'.

As a supposed intelligent adult, although I debated it throughout the movie, I came to the conclusion that both male and female cows must have udders and there are probably male and female bulls. Well, I am a townie.

Box Office #3


Marie Antoinette

This is a fabulous looking well-made historical biography but don't be fooled by Coppola's indie cred as this is also lightweight and pointless. The only radical thing is the nice use of new wave music (although I was enjoying the period music and the change wasn't strictly necessary).

The story of a rich Queen destined to be killed by poor peasants has its own themes built in but I was looking for more depth and more of a point of view. But I saw Lost in Translation and The Virgin Suicides and so I really shouldn't have been surprised.

Box Office #11

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