28 September, 2006

Word of Mouth

Clerks II

This is a date movie for really broadminded couples. This was really funny and scatological but it does have something to say about friendships and relationships. You don’t need to have seen the first one to enjoy it but, seriously, why haven’t you seen the first one? My only real quibble was in the last act where there is an over-long, too-sentimental scene which slowed things down and wasn’t entirely saved by wise-cracking onlookers. Recommend.
Box office #10

Rabbit Fever

Is it just me or do most British comedies seem to be mock documentaries? Maybe it’s because they’re a much easier to write.

There were very few of us in the movie theatre on Saturday night and one person walked out. The biggest surprise is that person wasn’t me. Despite the one-star reviews I have seen far worse British films than this and was relatively happy to stay until the end – although I wouldn’t give it more than two stars to be honest. Thinking about it, it’s a film about vibrators that’s an 18 certificate and the walker probably expected some ‘action’, if you know what I mean. Actually some ‘action’ would have been very welcome. Sorry, I don’t mean welcome I mean inappropriate and exploitative and just very very wrong.

Usually with British mockumentaries the documentary aspect isn’t done properly at all but here more effort was made than usual and it did get some laughs. However it’s just not substantial enough for an evening out. It could have been great as a normal character and story comedy though.

Children of Men

I saw this expecting it to be worthy and dull and while it is certainly worthy it is not dull in the slightest. It provides visceral thrills and excitement but makes subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) points about immigration, pollution and terrorism. Recommended.
Box office #1

Trust the Man

I didn’t feel I wasted my time or money but it’s still hard to recommend this. It feels honest and real and has some laughs and has a great cast enjoying the great dialogue but the story is a bit 'bleh'. A bit 'so what?' Worth catching on DVD maybe.
Box office #8

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