08 September, 2006

Subtext example

Knowing and understanding subtext is key to us becoming better writers. People very rarely say exactly what they mean in an on-the-nose way; we have to read between the lines. John Eastwood gives an example on the UK Screenwriters Network:

"RE: Looking for Third Person in Houseshare

I thought that post could have been a little clearer, so hopefully I can clear up any confusion on behalf of the guys looking for a housemate.

Translations in CAPS.

Two professional males (24 & 31) looking for a third person ... (preferably female to balance the house) - WE CAN'T GET A GIRLFRIEND, WE'VE REALLY REALLY TRIED

We are looking to move into a 3 bedroom house asap - WE'VE BEEN EVICTED AND ARE STAYING WITH OUR MUMS

and need that third person to be tidy - DO ALL THE HOUSEWORK

and easy to get along with. - WILLING TO SLEEP WITH US

Glad I could help.

John "

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