04 September, 2006

Goals for September 2006

The Daily Pitch

Matt has stated his goals for September in the link above which reminds me that I should be setting my own goals. I do vaguely set goals in my head but I've missed all the goals I vaguely set in my head for August. It needs to be on paper.

I'm also going to do a four month plan, checking on what competitions and events are going on for the rest of the year and working out what to prioritise and what I'll need to do to participate.

For instance, Matt's 14 Day Screenplay Challenge begins again in October and not only would I like a proper story worked out before it starts but, erm, I would, sort of, like to finish the last one before the new one starts. That would be too embarrassing. I can just imagine me, years down the line, making the excuse: "Oh, I thought you said 14 Year Screenplay..."

So I'll be writing down my goals from now on and I recommend it for everyone.


Optimistic_Reader said...

Yes, I'd very much like to take part in the next 14-day challenge, and actually finish something this time. It might even be the same script! Life has conspired against me on that one ;-)

Robin Kelly said...

Yes, it's fine saying that some stories need a long time to work out and another actually going with the flow and not starting until you're satisfied it works.

I'm choosing something very simple for the next challenge. Is the Three Little Pigs out of copyright? ;-)