03 August, 2006

Women Screenwriters #2

Thanks to Ops who has managed to find the UK Film Council report, called "Scoping Study into the Lack of Women Screenwriters in the UK", mentioned in my previous post.

Download the 124 page pdf file directly here.

Scott the Reader has posted something on this issue as well on his blog.

Also see Wall Street Journal article and Guardian article.

Interesting fact: Female screenwriters wrote half of all films copyrighted between 1911 and 1925.

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone had a look at the filmcouncil report? Don't know what a 'scoping study' really means but interviewing a paltry 13 scriptwriters seems a bit feeble - they could have cast the net a bit wider methinks. The compilers also seem to be totally unaware of the blogging fraternity/sorority too..and how information is exchanged.

The stuff on Scott's blog was far more illuminating...