09 July, 2006

Women Screenwriters

Olivia Hetreed, of Girl with a Pearl Earring fame, was interviewed on Channel 4 News in response to a UK Film Council report on women screenwriters. Watch it here.

She says that the biggest cinema audience is now women over 35 and not the kids.

Good luck with searching for the report, I couldn't find anyhing.

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Optimistic_Reader said...

Coming back to this really late, I know but this was triggered by a posting on Alligattors in a Helicopter about the lack of women screenwriters. Anyway, with a bit of digging I found the Film Council report, here: http://www.ukfilmcouncil.org.uk/usr/ukfcdownloads/191/0415womenscreen%20-%20FINAL%2009.06.06.pdf