31 July, 2006

Theatre welcomes unsolicited scripts

The Finborough Theatre, in South West London, have been accepting unsolicited scripts as part of a six month trial which ends in October. Scripts will be dealt with by the newly-appointed Literary Manager, Alexandra Wood, and a team of script-readers in association with the Artistic Director, Neil McPherson.

They are looking for plays and new writers specifically for the Finborough Theatre, not just 'good' plays, so please carefully read the notes at the link below before sending work to them.

Deadline: 31 October 2006

For more information see:

www.finboroughtheatre.co.uk .

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Lee said...

The Finborough's a fine theatre, with a tradition of fostering new writers. Several years ago, I was lucky enough to have Phil Wilmott direct a rehearsed reading of a play of mine there. It didn't come to anything in the end, but he was very generous with his time and advice, and all the staff were terrific. If anyone has a piece ready, or almost done, I definitely advise sending it in.