31 July, 2006

Moonstone Screenwriters’ Lab

Moonstone International will be holding its next Screenwriters’ Lab in November 2006.

"An exclusive week-long programme, the Screenwriters’ Lab gives participants the opportunity to develop their screenplays with the assistance of some of the world’s foremost screenwriters.

During the Lab the atmosphere is relaxed but focused, with participant-writers being encouraged to talk through their work at length with screenwriter-Advisors. Central to these discussions is a dynamic series of one-to-one meetings between writers and Advisors on the nature, structure and creative potential of the selected feature film projects.

Ideally, the projects chosen by Moonstone will be at an advanced draft stage, allowing for further development of screenplays following the Lab. Rewrites do not take place during the week. Leaving the Screenwriters’ Lab with a clear outline for their next draft, participants forward the post-Moonstone rewrite to a nominated Advisor, taking their projects a step closer to production."

The deadline for applications is 1 September 2006 .

For further information about the Screen Labs contact:
Holly Daniel, Programme Administrator, Moonstone International at:
info@moonstone.org.uk or 0131 220 2080

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