31 July, 2006

Marchmont Films

Marchmont Films:

"Marchmont Films is pleased to announce its 2006 feature film script invitation. Open to new and established writers from the UK and abroad, we're looking for exciting low budget projects with a strong commercial potential."

Deadline: 30 September 2006


Dom Carver said...

Already put two submissions in last week, but thanks for the info ;-)

Robin Kelly said...

You're welcome ;-) Actually there's time to submit two more synopsis' really. When they ask for the full script, just write it really fast.

Lucy said...

hah! good luck - rudest. production company. EVER. Not even so much as a compliments slip when they return scripts! How hard is it to write "thanks but no thanks"? I emailed to check it was them before even being peeved about it - no response!!! Heard other bloggers have had the same. Grrrr.