28 July, 2006

Living the Romantic Comedy: Writing Down Your Now

Living the Romantic Comedy: Writing Down Your Now: "Screenwriters are obsessed with structure, structure, structure. Outline, get the plot points in a row, make the act breaks pop, achieve the page quota. So much of the craft and craft focus goes into making that blueprint for an experience-to-be, that too often the less experienced screenwriter forgets to... (please don't be put off by the seeming Californianistic sound of this) be here now.

When you're given the assignment of writing a given scene, what you're really being asked to do is deliver the emotional truth of a moment-to-moment experience. What I've found to be most helpful in getting me to that place, is to bring my actual, genuine emotions to bear on whatever beat I need to write. To create honest emotions on the page, I have to bring my present moment to that moment."

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