06 July, 2006

2006 Emmy nominations

Variety.com - Award Central 2006 - 2006 Emmy nominations:

"Arrested Development", FOX, Imagine Television and The Hurwitz Company in association with 20th Century, Fox Television
" Curb Your Enthusiasm", HBO, HBO Entertainment,
"The Office", NBC, Deedle Dee Productions, Reveille, LLC in association with NBC Universal Television Studios
"Scrubs", NBC, Touchstone Television
"Two And A Half Men", CBS, Chuck Lorre Productions,Inc., The Tannenbaum Company in association with Warner Bros. Television Productions, a Division of WB Studio Enterprises Inc.

It is a shame there’s no room for Extras and My Name is Earl but they’re all worthy nominees.

"Grey’s Anatomy", ABC, Touchstone Television
, FOX, Heel and Toe Productions, Shorez Productions and Bad Hat Harry Productions in association with Universal Television Studios
"The Sopranos"
, HBO, Chase Films and Brad Grey Television in association with HBO Entertainment
, FOX, Imagine Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Television in association with Real Time Productions
"The West Wing"
, NBC, John Wells Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television

I didn’t think this mistaken view that Grey’s Anatomy is better than ER would extend all the way up to the TV Academy. The show does have its moments but it’s too inconsistent for my tastes.

As someone who gave The West Wing a bad rap since Sorkin left I have to eat my words. Of course it's not as good as when Sorkin ran it and wrote most of it but new showrunner John Wells has maintained most of the quality.

I am shocked that 24 is still good and still surprising so many years down the road. Although I'm beginning to spot how they do things which should help when I start writing a thriller.

House is notable in that the lead character is so unlikelable. We understand him, we laugh at his jokes and admire his skill but you wouldn't want him as a friend. The term 'relatable' can usually be substituted for 'likeable' but I think as long as we understand the character and their motivations we don't care if they are snarky.

"Bleak House" (Masterpiece Theatre), PBS, A BBC WGBH-Boston Co-production in association with Deep Indigo
"Elizabeth I", HBO, Company Pictures and Channel 4 in association with HBO Films
"Into The West", TNT, Dreamworks Television
"Sleeper Cell", Showtime, Showtime Presents in association with Cardboard Guru Productions

I abandoned Sleeper Cell (on FX) after a few episodes. It’s a great premise – Muslim FBI bloke goes undercover in Islamist terror cell - but there wasn't enough drama. As a one-off film it would have been fine but it struggled to fill a whole series. The truth of what Muslim terrorists are like and their beliefs was undermined by the fake unconvincing plotting.

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