19 June, 2006

i-Blink Screenwriting Competition

i-Blink Screenwriting Competition

" i-blink is a truly innovative international scriptwriting competition and film festival aimed at people who want to produce cutting edge short films from their scripts in 2006. The new deadline is 19th July 2006.

We're giving ten winners the chance to win 'everything' you need to turn your scripts into professional short films. Prizes for the ten winners will include loan of cameras, edit suite and accessories, training at Pinewood Studios and a copy of professional scriptwriting software FinalDraft 7. The three top films will also win...
  • 1st Prize - €5000
  • 2nd Prize - €2000
  • 3rd Prize - €1000


(Thanks to Danny for the link)


Lucy said...

Now, I'm not being funny, i-blink sounds great, but why do comps insist on giving Final Draft software as a prize?? Does anyone NOT have it or one of its contemporaries like Movie Magic? I saw scripts in MS Word last year take a dive for the first time EVER so I'd hazard "No." There must be a lot of copies of FD flogged on eBay by victorious screenwriters.

However, I did have one last year (just one) that was handwritten. Seriously. It was leatherbound too and its cover page was written in silver pen. It was also HUMUNGOUS. But apparently all this was okay cos it was a stage play.

Optimistic_Reader said...

I don't have FD or Movie Magic. I use a free template, works with Word. Does the job.

Robin Kelly said...

That's interesting, I'm not sure whether sales of FD have gone through the roof or it's due to increased downloading of illegal copies. I think it's given away as a prize because Final Draft give them to the contest for nothing.

I have tried FD and Movie Magic but I use a free template with Word too.