09 June, 2006

14 Day Screenplay: Progress Report #3

Smoother sailing now everything's set up and I can just concentrate on dialogue which is much easier. Amanda, as a character, is getting there but she isn’t naturally funny, I might need to exaggerate her personality.

I’m having to remember my genre as I’ve got a domestic violence and child abuse sub-plot. On the one hand it does explain Ziggy and his sister’s psychology but on the other hand if done badly it could be a bit of a downer. But as I said at the beginning I was just going to write what I want to write about so I’ll just need to make it work. If it does morph into a romantic drama I won’t fight it as that would be where I am at.

One thing I've noticed is how on-the-nose some of the dialogue is. I need to set the scene and give exposition – which is the purpose of the scene – but in the re-writes I will need to change bad exposition to good exposition and make the obvious more subtle. At the moment the characters are speaking subtext - saying what they’re thinking when in reality we rarely say exactly what we’re thinking. Usually only when we’re stressed or angry.

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