02 May, 2006

Sugar, We're Going Down

And so, to no great surprise, the mighty Blues have been relegated. What lesson can we learn from this to help with our writing?

Well, you had a bunch of millionaire footballers on long contracts who had no incentive to try. They had a manager and various coaches to try and give them that incentive but it didn’t work. It has to come from within. You have to want it and not be afraid to get it. As new writers we often don’t even get the luxury of a manager and coaches so that makes it doubly difficult. We need to set realistic and achievable goals and not let anything stand in our way.

What else? The players suffered from over-confidence and arrogance. They were called the best squad the club has ever had; they did quite well in the previous seasons and so thought they would do the same again with no effort. It’s quite easy to delude ourselves that the script we are about to submit to producers is not only good enough to pass a script reader’s inspection but is ready for production. Especially as the alternative means working a bit harder on it.

One of the worst things in script reading is reading a weak script by someone who is extremely confident it will sell and be a ratings hit. When someone’s so high, it’s difficult to let them down gently. Many writers have refused to re-write, refused to take on board any comments and submitted their script as is. When the scripts were rejected, for the very reasons I pointed out, the effort it took to not say, “I told you so, nah nah nah-nah nah,” nearly gave me apoplexy.

Of course, conversely, don’t beat yourself up and call yourself crap but I recommend trying to get a little distance from your work and try and see it with the eyes of someone who doesn’t know you and doesn’t know your work so you’re a little more clear how well your script will play in the big bad world.

I’m aware Villa fans read this so I’ll clarify that last point. When I say “get a little distance from your work and try and see it with the eyes of someone who doesn’t know you” I don’t mean that you should send your script on a bus to a far-off town, pluck out the eyes of a stranger and use them to try and read your script from miles away. I mean, leave it in a drawer for a few weeks and try really hard in being objective


Dom Carver said...

What lesson can be learned from this??? Support a better team!

And what exactly do you MEAN by the last paragraph? Villa fans can be objective. We have O'Leary as manager and Ellis as chairman so we know exactly what our chances are... non existant!

Robin Kelly said...

Support a better team? Well, there's lots to choose from!

Non-existent at the moment but your new manager (whoever that will be) has the summer to re-build and he's bound to get more money for transfers. What happened to us is going to be a big wake-up call. Unless Ellis is thicker than we thought.

Dom Carver said...

Ellis is thicker than we thought. He has informed David O'Leary there will be no transfer money for the summer and if he wants to bring in new players he has to sell some.... and we already have the smallest squad in the Premisership.

As Fraser says in Dad's Army..."We're DOOOOOOOMED."

Robin Kelly said...

Midlands football is a laughing stock. It's significant that Villa won the European cup when Ellis had left and have done nothing since he came back.

Dom Carver said...

Breaking News: Doug Ellis will make an annoucment on the pitch at the match on Saturday.

As there is no stock market news I can only come to the conclusion that he's either retiring or we're getting a new manager. Please let it be both.

Robin Kelly said...

Yes, let's hope.