18 May, 2006


Grownups is the new sitcom from Susan Nickson, the genius creator of Two Pints... It airs on BBC3 on Sundays, 10:00pm with repeats through the week and you can watch all the episodes online.

However I've found it very disappointing so far. You can tell it's by Nickson because of her wonderful way with words but I just don't believe the stories or characters. Truth is essential for comedy.

In episode 2, for example, Mike was scared of the dark and Natasha Kaplinsky. I can believe that, I'm sure lots of people have those phobias but he didn't react consistently and believably to that fear - and the business with the doll was just too stupid for me to even bother trying to explain here.

Characters still have to act like real people. Even if they are larger than life and their stories are outrageous they need to be psychologically true.

I also find Mike and Michelle's sibling relationship to be deeply disturbing. Men wearing women's underwear is a standard gag passed down through the centuries which will never get old but when it's a brother wearing his sister's underwear and talking about his bits to her with no explanation and no reaction from her then it's something different, surely. Unless I'm missing something. Is it common? I've worn my girlfriend's undies - obviously, nothing wrong with that - but is it OK to wear my sister's undies and talk about how they feel on my privates? Ugh! No, sorry. Just writing that sentence made me feel very dirty and unclean.

Sorry, I was going to write more but I've just got to go and have a shower. No, not a cold shower, you cheeky get, but a hot cleansing one with lots of scubbing with a wire brush to purify both my mind and my body.

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Dom Carver said...

I watched it and didn't laugh once... it's not Two Pints, more like 10ml.

If that's all the BBC can come up with then I'm getting down to some sitcom writing.