25 May, 2006

The 14 Day Screenplay

"Welcome to the 14 Day Screenplay, the NaNoWriMo for screenwriters.

In the 14 Day Screenplay we challenge you to write a feature length screenplay (90-120 pages) in just 14 days. It may sound crazy but that is less than 7-9 pages a day, each day for the 14 days. With a little preparation it should take less than two hours a day. Most people can find bits of time through the day, and what’s getting up early for a fortnight if you have a screenplay written at the end?

This is a competition, however there are no prizes. You are competing with yourself and the grand prize is the satisfaction of knowing you too can write a script. The point is simply this - finish a screenplay!

It doesn’t matter if your script is no good. If it’s your first then odds are it won’t be, however consider it a first draft. Consider it proving to yourself that you can writer a script and use your new found confidence to continue writing. After all, a lousy first draft is better than no draft at all."


Dom Carver said...

Optimistic Reader threw down the gauntlet and we've risen to the challenge.

You were late on that one, Robin, which is unusual for you.

*Dom takes hold of Robin by the collar and slaps him around the face several times*

DOM: Wake up, damn it!


Robin Kelly said...

Yes, it does seem to be a good opportunity. I'm going to give it a go as well.

And hey, regarding my speed, remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare... Actually that tale's completely irrelevent.

Optimistic_Reader said...

Actually, Lee Thompson had a link to the challenge on his page a while back and it was only recently I has a look and decided to go for it. So credit is due to Lee for his swiftness.

What's your project going to be Robin? I'm going to try a rom-com.

Optimistic_Reader said...

Oops, sorry should have obliged with a link to Lee's page. Here it is:


Matt Courtney said...

Glad to hear you guys are joining in. It should be a lot of fun.


Robin Kelly said...


The rom-com is probably my favourite genre and I suppose it's about time I tried writing one. They're a bit scary though.

Another "When Harry Met Sally" is probably way beyond me but another "Prime" is easily in my reach.

Optimistic_Reader said...

Think you should go for it with the rom-com Robin. Don't think I can reach the standard of When Harry Met Sally either, but going to give it a go anyway and see how it turns out.