07 April, 2006

Knowing the Ending

Following my recent questioning of going into production on a script you haven't finished the ending for, I came across this quote from TV A-lister Stephen Gallagher:

"It's good practice to know your ending in advance. This means knowing where you're going, what point you ultimately plan to make, before you start. Every story has a point; not necessarily a message, but a point. How to define the point? Put simplistically, somebody learns something they didn't expect to learn. "

from his article "The Spine".

Stephen has also generously posted the pitch document to The Eleventh Hour , the now cancelled ITV drama series on his website


Dom Carver said...

Like Momento you should start with the ending and work your way back. If you don't have the ending it's not a complete story, just an idea.

Dom Carver said...

Sorry, I meant Memento. Drunk...it's my birthday after all.


Up the Villa, by the way my fellow Brumlander - HIC!

Robin Kelly said...

Happy birthday!

I support Blues actually but I can't say 'down the Villa' as I'm worried about the Karmic implications. So I have to hope for all the West Mids teams to be safe at the end of the season. :)

Optimistic_Reader said...

Hi Robin, like the snazzy new look! And cheers for adding me to your links :-)

Robin Kelly said...

Thanks Oppy, likewise :-)