05 March, 2006

The Worldwide Week of Playwrights

"The Worldwide Week Of Playwrights will take place from March 20th to March 27th 2006. You can follow the essential part of the programs through the live stream on www.auteursdelombre.org (presently under construction).

Most of the content will be live-recorded and uploaded via WebTV, with reruns every morning thereafter. Some content will be transmitted sy different times.

Playwrights, theatre and cultural structures who cannot transmit their videos, lectures or debates in a live manner should indicate the links to their recorded footage (extracts or complete recordings of their works) in order for them to benefit freely of the tens of thousands of internet viewers across the world.

You may also send us the physical video sources, with a written authorization for their transmission, for them to be uploaded to the website during the week of demonstration at the following address: AEC La Castellane / 216, boulevard Henri Barnier 13016 Marseille – France."

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