06 March, 2006

South-East Screenwriting MA

As well as the usual crop, Thames Valley University is this year offering a brand new "Creative Screenwriting MA", to start October2006 - "a unique blend of craft and creativity". It offers students the chance to explore and expand their creativity within the field of screenwriting. It is specifically designed forthose who wish to develop a unique voice and write original material, yet do so with realistic expectations of the industry. In addition to in-depth exploration of essential and effective techniques to allow students to develop strong attractive ideas in a fast and professional manner, we will also examine process to see what makes, not just good writing, but good writers. A large degree of creative collaboration and feedback will nurture students through an intense but inspiring process so they can emerge as creative, confident and professional screenwriters.

We strongly believe creativity can be taught and that good scripts come not just from good technique but from good ideas and committed voices who know what they want to say. Many Screenwriting MAs focuson technique or vocational skills but TVU's Creative Screenwriting MA aims to marry the best of Screenwriting teaching with the more writer-focused tradition in Creative Writing tuition, to teach strong skills in a context that challenges students to take responsibility for their own careers and learn how to expand creativity and develop all-round techniques to manage their writing process.

A range of approaches, from creative exercises and discussion, to theoretical perspectives and industry contexts, will encourage students to innovate with convention and hone script analysis skills. Students will investigate the nature of narrative, reflect on process and explore imagination to create work which fully expresses their particular talents. The course also allows students to sample unusual techniques such as team development, co-writing and working with actors, and a number of specific techniques to expand creativity. Class-based work will be substantially supported by a specially designed on-line learning environment which will give added value to the course modules and function as a 24-7 writer's support, withfeedback processes, extensive collection of writing exercises and electronic Writing Coach.

TVU has excellent links with industry and a large percentage of its video graduates have gone on to work successfully in TV and film. The Creative Screenwriting MA will offer many networking opportunities and present sessions with industry practitioners and guest speakers on a regular basis, as well as offer the chance to attend an international writing workshop in Europe during the summer term.

This will be an intense but rewarding course, for those who already have some writing experience and a clear commitment to building a sustainable and fulfilling screenwriting career.

For more information, go to www.tvu.ac.uk or email the course leader (zara.waldeback @ tvu.ac.uk).

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