16 March, 2006

Rachel Corrie

"Practicum Theatre are accepting play submissions that reflect the thoughts behind the recent ban of My Name is Rachel Corrie from the New York Theatre Workshop (to read the article go to www.practicumtheatre.com/submissions/). The plays should be 10 minutes or less and 8 - 12 pieces will be chosen for a central London showcase in May.

Possible themes include: censorship, America, protest, racism, freedom of speech, democracy, Rachel Corrie, Israel and Palestine, propaganda, media control, invasion of privacy, fear.or whatever this article inspires in you.

They say New York said nothing. Let's say something in London.

Submissions along with a cover letter and CV are due 1 April, 2006 to
info @ practicumtheatre.com.

For more information, go to www.practicumtheatre.com "

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