05 March, 2006

New indie on the lookout for shorts

Catch Productions is a newly established indie. Myself as director and Lisa Charles as producer have been working in the industry for many years. We have a background in documentary and have in the past five years or so branched into drama.

We are currently engaged on a big budget drama-doc for BBC's History department. In the past we have produced a number of docu-drama's, 3 x half-hour shorts and 15 min short called The Nugget Run which was screened in competition at the Foyle Film Festival. The Nugget Run was also recently selected to play on Propeller TV's new channel.

Later this year we plan to take on more documentary work but would also like to get another short film off the ground. With this in mind and being fully aware how long these projects take to get up and running we wanted to see if there were any Shooters out there who had worked up scripts that they are happy to share. The point being that it might just get made.

Similarly, we are interested in going into partnership with anyone with good, strong documentary ideas.

Anyone interested - please e-mail at catchsp @ btinternet.com

We look forward to working with you.

Michael Wadding.

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