05 March, 2006

The Million Pound Story

I don't know... this is certainly intriguing but will it work? It might be fun trying, though.

"The Million Pound Story is an online collaborative writing project which is open to the entire global online writing community. The concept is very simple - we are offering contributors the opportunity to take part in a unique writing project which, if successful, will be turned into an interactive DVD. The characters, plot, theme, setting will all be put to the online community we hope to attract and you will decide how the project should develop.

The aims and background to this project are outlined in detail on our site http://www.millionpoundstory.com but to put it simply we aim to achieve the following:

Develop an online story which can then be developed into a DVD based product.

Raise the finance though the sale of advertising space and donations to develop the finished story and pay all the creative and technical professionals needed to achieve that aim.

Generate as much media and public awareness of the project as we can.

Create a profit share with all those who contribute to the development of the online story. Those who contribute to the online story will be entitled to a share of upto 50% of any profits generated by the sale of the DVD product."

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