27 March, 2006

Jimmy McGovern interview

The Guardian has an interview with Jimmy McGovern, which includes his previously reported comment about not expecting much from ITV drama at 9:00pm which he now expands to BBC drama.

The other interesting thing is how, like Paul Abbott, he doesn't mince words about lazy writers. Even watching Brookside as a kid, McGovern's work stood out because of his hard work and dedication.

Although annoyingly the article fails to mention the theatre work he did before he got Brookie. When I met Jimmy in Manchester he told me he really enjoys working with the local communities helping to produce drama. And, by the way, it's so brilliant to meet your heroes and not be disappointed. When I met Woody Allen he punched me in the head and then kicked me in the kidneys as I lay on the ground. I only asked him for an autograph.

The Interview

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