16 March, 2006

InterACT Theatre Company looking for new play

"I am looking for a new play for my theatre company to perform. At present I have only been looking at published work, but am now thinking of doing a fresh new play that has not yet been published.

I am looking for something ideally modern, although this is flexible. A mixed cast gender cast preferable 18-30's. It would be nice if the sets were fairly simple but again this is flexible.

I am looking to perform it Essex and then if it is successful take it to a London venue.

As the Theatre Company does not have that much funding the pay for the rights to perform it will be low (but it will be something!). HOWEVER your script will get exposure and you will have a chance to see it come alive.

If you are interested could you in the first instance send me a synopsis of the play and character breakdown, if I like the sound of it I will ask to see more.

Send them to renbigby @ hotmail.com

Thank You, if you have any questions please e-mail me. "

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