25 March, 2006

Feature Script wanted on drug use and addiction

"Still looking for that elusive script we can make into our next feature. In this case we are looking for something gritty and real about working class youth and drugs. Black culture especially. Although will consider other cultures. Maybe even something based in the upper classes would be nice. The important thing is that it has a fall from grace and a rise to freedom which does not involve music.

Our other works have been well received and our new feature is premiering at Cannes this year. So good chance for a film to be made if nothing else. Synopsis and breakdown to Mat.

Sunipa Pictures, Unit 12, Level 4s New England House, New England Street, Brighton, BN1 4GH, 07798 600571 "

Requiem for a Dream is on More4 on Sunday night and that is one of the most interesting addiction films. Although not exactly an easy watch it is worth watching.

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