21 February, 2006

Open Page- A Laboratory For New Writing

Writers. Here’s the chance to test out your work with an informal industry group. Come along to an Open Page evening – hosted by Stellar Network in association with the Hospital - and you can hear your work read by actors cast on the spot. Whether it’s a new idea or a rewritten scene, your piece must be no more than fifteen minutes, and can be written for theatre, radio, TV or film. This is not a showcase but a testing ground, enabling you to hear your words spoken - and get informed feedback.

The upcoming evening is 6th March 2006 at 7 pm.

To apply, please send us a single word file containing: your name and contact details, one paragraph of story synopsis, one paragraph of background for your piece (ie what media is it, what do you want to achieve from the workshop), your 15 minute piece, and a list of characters. Please title the file yournamedate.doc; eg arthurmiller120305.doc. Please don’t include any information in the accompanying email.

The deadline for entries is 24th February. Please send applications to openpage@stellarnetwork.com

If you would like to attend an Open Page evening please send an email to openpage@stellarnetwork.com saying what you do (eg actor/writer/director/producer) in which media and when you’d like to come. Space is limited as the sessions are small and the debate lively- so be prepared with an opinion! Please let Stellar Network know in your email if you are a Stellar Network member, and if you want two seats please ask the other person to mail us separately.

Please note Stella Network will be actively seeking submissions from writers who are in the process of writing scripts rather than polished pieces of work.

Open Page is held at The Hospital Club, 24 Endell St, Covent Garden.

Stellar Network

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