31 January, 2006

New Screenwriters Festival launched

The Screenwriters Festival will take place from Tuesday 27 June - Friday 30 June in Cheltenham. There will be a public event with the same speakers on Saturday 1 July.

Festival director and Arturi Films producer David Pearson said, "It will be a unique opportunity for writers to share experiences and ideas." Screenwriters who have committed to the event include Cracker writer Jimmy McGovern (this blogger's hero) and Gosford Park's Oscar-winning Julian Fellowes.

The keynote for last night's launch was delivered by William Nicholson - the Shadowlands, Gladiator and Nell scribe.

"Why is it that that everybody I know wants to be a scriptwriter but producers are always asking 'where are the writers?,'" he said.

"The problem is often in the solitary nature of the trade which can eat up those unprepared to deal with the culture of the film business, particularly in Hollywood," he added.

He thought that the festival could prove an important support for those serious about the business.

A full programme of events will be announced in the spring.

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