20 January, 2006

Dare to Succeed

A typical new years resolution is to get that script finished but, from experience, it's difficult to achieve without setting some firm realistic goals.

I was reminded of the phrase 'daring to succeed' recently which I feel is a good one. The problem with daring to succeed is that it involves risk; it could also be called daring to fail.

A vague promise to yourself to 'try and do some writing this year if I can' while it's a start, isn't really risking anything. By setting yourself a clear target to achieve then as well as the potential for success there is also the risk of failure.

However if we want to learn and develop we need to set targets and goals. Although I'm talking about writing primarily, being able to take considered risks is something that can help in our day-jobs, relationships or other aspects of our lives.

I came across a positive affirmation which may help those writers blocked to get going, if it were perhaps attached to the monitor:

"Dare to dream, dare to try, dare to fail, dare to succeed."

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