27 September, 2005


I hate LoveFilm!

Do not join LoveFilm!

Don’t, I mean it. OK, you can if you really, really want to but as soon as the special offer stops then please leave immediately. No wistful looks back at what might have been just cancel and go. Because believe me if you stay the relationship will end up badly and you’ll be bitter and twisted and end up going on to the Internet to your blog to try and stop other people being hurt by them.

Lovefilm’s big trick is to make sure that in the trial period you get the DVDs you want but as soon as that period is over then you can go for over a week without getting as much of a sniff of a DVD even though you have over 20 in your list. And forget about ever seeing any recent releases unless they are non-English language or arthouse.

When you leave at the shoddy service they later email you to tempt you back by lying about how things are now really great and then they treat you as badly as they did before!

I admit I was drawn by LoveFilm's good looks as it's the prettiest DVD rental by post website but what does looks matter if you end up not getting any?

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Anonymous said...

Your post is 18 months old. Since then the company has merged with ScreenSelect who have replaced all the internal systems. Can I persuade you to try LOVEFiLM again?!

Yes, you guessed it, I work for LOVEFiLM! But I was from the former ScreenSelect side so really feel the business has improved since the merger.

Robin Kelly said...

I confess I have been tempted to give Lovefilm another try as they are so huge now and appear to have the biggest catalogue of films. I'll see if I can find their latest offer.